Logan P. McCoy – Portrait Of A Mother

Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love. – Stevie Wonder

You can buy this song for your mom here. 

New Release – N.Y.P: The Great EP

NYP-The Great EP

Today, I released a new project entitled N.Y.P: The Great EP. I am very happy about the new direction my sound is taking and I’d like to share it with you. Please click here or the picture above to take a listen. Thanks and enjoy!


The Postal Service – “Such Great Heights” Logan P. McCoy Remix

Man, this is an old remix I did. But very inspiring. It still gets me hype!

Logan P. McCoy – True Friends (Lyric Video)

This is for you and your TRUE FRIENDS ONLY! This is the first single off my upcoming project “The Great EP”.

True Friendship isn’t being inseparable, it’s being separated and yet nothing changes. 

Logan P. McCoy – Escape From Hell feat. Sdaerd and Birdie

This is off my EP “Strength Of Character”, which you can get HERE. You can read the lyrics below!


Intro – Ms. Kitty B

Come, let’s go are you ready?
Come, let’s go are you ready?

Refrain – Ms. Kitty B

The story I tell
Is an escape from hell
The days do change
Yet I dream the same

Verse 1 – “Lucky” Logan P. McCoy

I was in a hole alone/Owing a lot of dough
They could’ve shut my lights/That’s Luck on ice
But I still have my life/That’s luck all right
I was supposed to ball/The next poster boy
But not Poze McCoy/’Cause that close you fall
Then there goes the door/You’re supposed to fall
And I’m opposed to poor/Yet I hit the floor
It hurt my pride/And a part of me died
A part of me cried/Couldn’t go outside
I was scared to live/And prepared to quit
Living that is/Till I found some hope
In the music of live/Living a musical life
In the music is life/With a future as bright
So I ain’t mad that I didn’t win/Just look I got my life so I really did
Just look I got a vision and it’s really big/Take a look at ambition, he is filthy rich

Bridge – Sdaerd

Through the fire, through the flames
I will not be destroyed
I’m a fighter, through the pain
You will not steal my joy


Verse 2- Sdaerd

I could have been caught up
In the environment that I was brought up
But I grew up and I started learning that
Time to move on there’s no turning back
Had to relocate to another place
New year new gear with a different face
Had to learn be calm just brush it off
Even if people might think it’s something soft
Nothing soft it’s just part of the training
In a weird way it was heart I was gaining
Time passed and my art started changing
Mind got fast and the bars rearranging
Opened up to a whole other mind frame
Opened up to a whole other time frame
Could have been, would have been in the hood again
Upset at what I could’ve and should’ve been
But I’m destined to rock with a book and pen


Produced By Lucky Logan – Something Special

What can I say, I was feeling something special when I made this. It’s off my Lucky Logan Beats Volume 5, which you can find HERE. #Enjoy!

Logan P. McCoy – Change Starts With You

I’m a rapper whose music has been described as many things from deep to different. Let me tell it, what I do is no less Hip Hop music than anything else. This is a short documentary where I give you my perspective on why there isn’t much diversity in Hip Hop and what you can do to change it.