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My Story

Hey, what's up, my name is Logan P. McCoy; I’m a reclusive rapper out of Brooklyn, New York by way of Accra, Ghana. My journey in the world of music began as a mere hobby, but the bustling streets of New York transformed it into something more significant.

It all started with a handful of home recordings on self-made CDs, which my friends and I peddled to passersby in the heart of New York City. The response from the streets made me realize two things, one that I was an entrepreneur, and two, that there was potential to do something greater, to impact the world positively through music. There was only one problem, I had the hustle part down, but the music just wasn’t good.

I’ve spent over ten very difficult years, discovering and developing daily, my authentic voice and craft. I even wrote and published a book of lyric poetry that has become the foundation of my songs. All that time spent I now realize was time spent working on myself. It has made me a better person and a truer artist than I’ve ever been. My music reflects this transformation, showcasing the mature, resilient, inspirational, and hopeful person I’ve had to become to keep following my dreams.

My desire to connect authentically with listeners also on the journey of self-discovery has led me to create "The Lucky Logan Letter". It's meant to share my songs, the stories behind them, and the priceless lessons I've learned along the way. Lessons that have kept me going all these years through very tough times.

Experience the music and its life-changing potential. Join the self-improvement movement. Sign up for "The Lucky Logan Letter" now!

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