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Rhythm and Poetry is a beautiful hardcover book of sixty-two songs by Logan P. McCoy. It is offered as a physical supplement to the digital recordings available on all streaming platforms. This collection makes Logan's music and ideas more accessible and enjoyable. The timeless thematic nature of Logan's lyric poems makes them a pleasure to read at any time. A great showpiece on any bookshelf or coffee table, this is the perfect addition to your collection. Get your copy today!

The Logan Tee is a design collaboration between Brooklyn-based fashion designer Anna K. and the enigmatic Brooklyn Hip Hop Artist Logan P. McCoy. Each piece is hand-printed by Anna K. and is truly a unique work of art.

This is an experimental Hip Rock album featuring Logan P. McCoy and Sdaerd as UrbanRockBand. Just a thousand CDs were produced. Get your copy of this rare collector's item while supplies last.


Mature contemporary Hip Hop music is rap music made from the perspective of an older member of Hip Hop culture. This culture of Hip Hop has always been marketed and sold as youth culture. That prevailing perspective was true once upon a time until the youth who started it got old. Looking at the mainstream representation of Hip Hop culture today, one would think that Hip Hop kicks people out once they reach a certain age. This lack of representation isn’t because there are no voices for the older members of the culture; emphatically not! The main reason is that the sellers of the culture don’t think these older voices will make any money.They are certainly not wrong, they’ve peddled the narrative that Hip Hop is a youth culture for so long that attempting to change that now would cannibalize the lucrative businesses they’ve built on the back of the culture. Hip Hop has created numerous black millionaires and a handful of billionaires and is poised to keep growing and creating more. Why would any business person in their right mind try to age this golden goose to menopause?The mainstream portrayal of Hip Hop culture is essentially training the youth to disregard and devalue the wisdom of their predecessors. What culture or society can grow by ignoring the valuable priceless lessons gleaned from its ancestors? What industry would survive if it didn’t learn from its own storied past? Yet, this is exactly the state we find our beloved Hip Hop culture in. In the long run, this short-sightedness while lucrative will only serve to starve this cash cow culture we call Hip Hop if nothing is done to stem the tide.Enter Logan P. McCoy, an artist who sees the untapped potential of expanding the narrative of Hip Hop culture. For the first time since its inception, we have DJs, rappers, musicians, dancers, graffiti artists and business executives well into their fifties who are still relevant and active participants in Hip Hop culture. Logan, believing that stifling these voices is comparable to cultural suicide has decided to dedicate his life to doing something about it.A Ghanaian-born MC by way of Brooklyn, Logan has been making and releasing music for a long time. In the early 2000’s Logan and his crew of enterprising young rappers would make and sell their music on the streets of NYC. “I had heard how artists like Too Short and Ani Di Franco started out by selling their own music so I decided to do that too. I couldn’t get a record deal, the labels said my music was too “deep” for Hip Hop”. Six years, twelve releases, and hundreds of thousands of dollars later, the digital revolution killed their cd business.Back to the drawing board, Logan now a solo artist had to figure out how to keep going. “I realized the music I was making at the time wasn’t really good so I had to devote myself to relearn my craft”. In the process, Logan developed a deeper connection to his art while discovering his voice as an artist. Ironically, now making the best music he’s ever made Logan hears “the music is great, but you’re too old for Hip Hop, no one will care about what you’re doing now”. Never one to give up or quit, Logan P. McCoy has vowed to help change the stifling, narrow-minded perspective that Hip Hop is youth culture. “I feel like I’m going through the same thing my predecessors did when they were told Hip Hop is a fad that won’t last. I’m in great company. Watch me show you what I see.”The Logan P. McCoy Experience is a short mixtape showcasing Logan’s unique sound, poetic dexterity, musical range, and diversity. Along with the mixtape is a supplemental ebook featuring the lyrics embodied on the mixtape. Listen, read and immerse yourself in The Logan P. McCoy Experience. Get the full experience here.


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