There comes a time in every one's life, some sooner than others when you wake up from what seems like a lifetime of slumber. The world you knew and accepted as real no longer holds any value to you. Every thing you learned about life since a child seems to have been a lie. Who you used to be and how you used to think have changed. You no longer do the things you used to because it just doesn't appeal to you anymore. You have just gotten a glimpse of an internal world you didn't even know existed. It's almost like watching yourself being born. The world you once knew now looks very different. No you haven't lost your mind, in fact you just found it.

Your friends and family start to treat you like some kind of outcast - unless they've been through it - because this new you is not normal. Now "you're talking weird" and trying to get them to understand you. Don't worry, it'll take some but they'll get used to it. And if they don't... don't sweat it, that's life. You have to stay this course of self discovery. You're now on a lifetime quest to discover your true self and purpose for being here. You'll have a lot of questions and a lot of doubts about your choice. You're supposed to, if not you're not on the path. What ever you, don't give up. Eventually, you'll find a support system that will reaffirm your own discoveries and help you make some new ones as you keep going. I know this because, well I'm still going through it.

My name is Logan P. McCoy, I came across this path in my late teens. I've had ups and downs, good and bad days, but for the most part I stayed on course. It's not all roses, that's not how life teaches. We learn from the hills and valleys of the journey. I've learned a lot and in the process discovered that my purpose is to share what I've learned so as to encourage others on the journey. I make music to serve as a soundtrack for the traveler. An arrow pointing within, it's simply a reminder that you're never alone even when you feel lost and abandoned. Your internal Teacher will never forsake you.

Stay the course!

Lucky Logan

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